Slow cooked Kobe beef and fresh locally sourced uni served with our signature Wagyuijro noodles and a rich uni-based broth.
24-hour stewed Kobe beef bone broth, homemade noodles, 120g of Wagyu served with a heap of organic cabbage, minced garlic, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots.
Wagyu Gyoza
100% Ozaki Beef gyoza, classic flavours highlighted with juicy beef. Fried ‘til crispy and served with our signature 'Wagyusco' hot sauce.
Wagyu Cha Siu Bao
Thin-sliced Wagyu, caramelised onions and a housemade wasabi sauce served in a steamed bao.
Wagyu Nikuman
Ground Wagyu steamed bun.
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